Our Clients

We present a short description of several accounting and consulting projects we have completed.

Accounting services for one of the largest passenger transport companies in Poland

At the time of taking over the service:

  • employment of approx. 200 people + over 800 drivers
  • several profit centers
  • multi-level cost analytics, complex reporting system
  • the implementation phase took 5 months and included the takeover of some accounting employees


  • implementation of the new accounting system
  • fixing long-term arrears in the accounting books
  • implementation of a management reporting system

Accounting services for one of the largest catering companies in Poland

At the time of taking over the service:

  • employment amounted to over 1000 people,
  • multi-branch structure (in each branch a warehouse of goods and a team of accountants),
  • multi-level analytics and several profit centers
  • tens of thousands of accounting entries per month
  • the implementation phase took 9 months and involved the takeover of some of the accounting staff


  • reduction of employment in accounting area from 52 people to 4
  • reduction of accounting costs by 60%
  • implementation of a management reporting system

Accounting services for one of the largest Investment Fund in Poland

  • accounting taken over from another accounting office
  • multilevel analytics (7 levels)
  • complex financial reporting system (including to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority) and management reporting (54 reports monthly)
  • the implementation phase took 5 months and involved the development of an additional application for entering analytical data

Accounting services for subsidiaries of one of the largest Polish developers

  • takeover of accounting services for 10 special purpose vehicles in 4 cities
  • booking of long-term contracts according to IAS
  • extensive reporting, including consolidation packages for the needs of the mother company listed on the WSE
  • the books were taken over both from other accounting offices and as a result of the liquidation of internal accounting departments

Advising the Capital Group on heavy industry

  • we performed an analysis of the effectiveness of 7 companies of the Capital Group
  • departments covered by the survey - transport, security, accounting, finance, human resources and payroll, administration, board office, sales, marketing

What did the final report contain?

  • precise calculation of the costs of all departments ly
  • comparison to market benchmarks
  • verification of the scope of employees' duties
  • diagnosis of the duplicated processes and unprocessed tasks
  • calculation of the optimal level of employment and costs
  • proposal of a restructuring program covering organizational, process and personnel changes as well as changes in the IT tools used
  • proposal of the implementation of this program

Advising an investor in the industrial sector

  • at the request of one of the richest Poles, we examined 4 industrial companies that were the target of the acquisition
  • we conducted a full due diligence (including analysis of the legal status of fixed assets, intangible assets, contracts with subcontractors and employees)
  • we have prepared a valuation of all surveyed enterprises
  • all reports contained negative recommendations as to the purchase of the surveyed companies

Advice for investors in the biotechnology industry

  • at the request of a group of Polish investors, we researched a biotechnology company based in Canada, working on a cure for cancer
  • the purpose of the audit was to verify the company before the planned capital increase

We provided:

  • expert team of consultants
  • short project implementation deadline
  • cost of testing several times lower than in the case of Canadian consulting companies